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Craft Uncommon is dedicated to championing remarkable craft and the makers behind it, because it’s through experiencing someone else’s art that we’re given permission to explore our own.

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Christine and Katelyn hand-dye linen, silk, and cotton fabrics with botanicals to create modern heirlooms that invite us to turn everyday routines into an opportunity to care for ourselves.

Miranda uses sculpture to tell the stories of endangered wildlife, encouraging us to get to know the creatures we share the planet with so that we can care for them—and the earth—a little bit better.

Kathryn turns crepe paper, wire, polymer clay, and a variety of pigments into life-like botanical keepsakes that act as a living reminder of who we are and what we can become. 



“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.”

– Neil Gaiman 

Get craft inspiration straight to your inbox.