Maker Feature: The Wild Woven Collection

The Wild Woven Collection came into my life the way many of my favourite makers do, by a friend passing me their phone and saying, “Kate, have you seen them yet?!” Linen, silk, and cotton fabrics lovingly hand-dyed with botanicals? Why, yes, that is exactly the sort of thing I would be into!

One deep dive through their Instagram feed and I was hooked. I wanted to see more, and you better believe I had questions—how the heck do you create this buttercream goodness and can you come dye all the linens in my house?! Imagine my joy a few weeks later when I saw they were running a bundle dye workshop at the beautiful Cambie Design shop in Toronto.

Photo Credit: Danielle Roach Photography

Getting to meet Christine and Katelyn and learn from them in person was a true pleasure (check out the Workshops highlight on my Instagram to see snaps from the day!). They are such kind, warm souls and lucky for all of us they’re talented and patient teachers, too. We all learned a lot and appreciated the opportunity to slow down and do something hands-on, but what struck me most was the care that goes into every aspect of their work.

No detail of the day was overlooked, from the homemade snacks they served to the place settings to the beautifully designed handouts, and that same level of thoughtfulness can be felt in their work. To me, that commitment to care is what makes them uncommonly good at their craft.

Photo Credit: Danielle Roach Photography

Although The Wild Woven Collection is a relatively new collaboration between these friends, their shared joy for what they do is palatable. They continuously explore new materials and techniques, and partner with other small businesses in their community to run workshops and launch limited-edition collections (their collection with This & That Design Co. sold out!). We can’t wait to see what they do next.

Photo Credit: Danielle Roach Photography

Q & A with
The Wild Woven Collection

What’s the best thing someone could say about your work?

That they can really tell how much love, care, and thought has been put into making it.

Photo Credit: Christine DuRoss

What’s your favourite part of the creative process?

Seeing the final product after months of work, trial, and error, especially with the last touches applied (like our care and composition tags). The moment something comes out of a dye pot and you get to see the colour is pretty special too, though!

“Considered, wabi-sabi, modern heirlooms.”

– The Wild Woven Collection

Photo Credit: Danielle Roach Photography

What are you curious or excited about right now?

We are super into dyeing with cutch! We want cutch-everything.

What three words best describe your work?

Considered, wabi-sabi, modern heirlooms.

Photo Credit: Danielle Roach Photography

Your silk scarves are an absolute dream and I love that they’re ethically made. Does that mean the silk itself is ethically produced? Is sourcing fabric really difficult?

We source all our fabrics from Canadian companies with extremely high ethical standards. Finding suppliers that value sustainability and would allow us to place fairly small orders for our small-batch production was difficult at first. We are always searching for better and more environmentally-sustainable ways to make our products, though. It is a never-ending search! We work closely with our seamstress to produce all of our items locally, with the exception of the silk scarves.

For these, we were able to find a really amazing company with equally high standards around sourcing and manufacturing ethically, and we were able to connect with them to purchase undyed silk that we then apply our botanical dyes and paints to.

Photo Credit: Katelyn Powers

The Wild Woven Collection recently launched their online store (look out for their upcoming baby collection!). You can shop a limited-edition selection of their makes at Handmade Pop Up’s Winter ’19 online event.

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The Wild Woven Collection

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