Joy Is In The Details

Every so often, something will come along that turns your world upside down. That tears through the path you’re walking, leaving you in its wake of uncertainty. When this happens, it’s hard to know what to hold on to, what steady thing you can reach for.

For me, that’s joy.

Joy does not care where you are or what you have. It can’t be bought or bartered with. It’s not something you can control, rationalize, or measure, and yet it is always available to us. Every day, we can open ourselves up to the possibility that joy is scattered around us, waiting to be invited in.

Photo Credit: Kate Smalley

Sometimes, joy is letting myself sink into the blue glaze on the lip of my mug as I drink my morning coffee. Sometimes, joy is noticing the way light streams through my window across the wall, knowing it’ll never fall in that same place, with that same glow, again. Sometimes, joy is finding some place inside the music that you tuck in.

There are the things joy can bring us: gratitude, calm, wonder.

And the things joy can teach us: patience, presence, and humility.

Photo Credit: Kate Smalley

For me, living with craft is a daily reminder that joy is found in the details. It’s my invitation to slow down and listen to what joy has to show me. I’m so grateful for the makers behind the work that lives in my home, for the wisdom that’s been folded into each piece that’s now softening and maturing alongside me. I’m grateful for the wisdom I’m able to access in myself each time I get out of my head and into my hands, surrendering to the presence making demands of me. 

Joy is knowing that the details of this moment are all we’ve got.

And sometimes, that’s enough. 

All my love,

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