We believe in the power of craft.

Craft is more than a beautiful, functional addition to our lives. It’s a daily reminder that joy is found in the details.

Makers who are uncommonly good at their craft approach their work with humility, intention, and a deep reverence for the process. Living with craft invites us to slow down and embody these qualities, too.


Craft Uncommon helps makers build their businesses.


We build spaces that bring like-minded makers and appreciators of craft together.


We give makers access to business development resources to help their careers thrive. 


We work with makers to develop a curated selection of limited edition pieces.


We started Craft Uncommon to advocate for makers of modern craft.

The way we make craft hasn’t changed much over the last decade, but the way we consume it has. From retail models to social media platforms, our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The way we talk about, share, and sell craft hasn’t kept up.

We didn’t see anyone working on both sides of the industry to champion makers—both generating demand from consumers and providing a viable retail model for makers to sell their work—so we decided to build it. Because everyone deserves to experience the power of craft.


Kate Smalley, Founder of Craft Uncommon

What lights me up is seeing the joy of craft catch on. I love discovering something remarkable and sharing it with the exact person I know would appreciate it. I love showing someone a mug and telling a story about its maker, only to see their curiosity pique and posture change as they start to see themselves in that story. Watching someone’s appreciation of craft form is incredibly rewarding because I’ve seen it change how people show up in all areas their lives. Living with craft creates this ripple effect that encourages us to explore, question, and appreciate all that we make and consume. 

I believe that buying handmade is an experience that extends far beyond fulfilling a material need. Shopping in this way can’t help but connect you to something greater and, hopefully, encourage you to share your own art with the world. Little by little, I believe these shifts have the power to change our culture. 

Kate is a marketing communications consultant and freelance writer living in Toronto, Canada. You can learn more about her through her personal blog.

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