Free, drop-in business support for makers.

Free, 30 minute calls to get support and direction in your craft business. As a marketing professional with a post-grad degree in financial planning, I’m here to help you with all things marketing, money, and business. 


Whether you have something specific to work through or simply want company in your business, I’m here to jump in the trenches with you. 


No judgement. No pitch. Just solidarity.

Drop-in FAQ

Who can come to drop-in?

Drop-in is for makers who want strategic support and direction in their handmade craft businesses. I’m all about helping you build a business that supports your values, allows you to make work you’re proud of, and is sustainable personally and financially. You don’t need to have already started your craft business, but you do need to be actively working towards it.

What if none of these times work for me?

Please email me and we’ll find a time that works for both of us. 

What if I want more support?

I offer paid Strategy Sessions where we can dive deeper on a particular business block. You can book a Strategy Session here! 

What can you help me with?

We can talk through whatever’s feeling sticky in your business. Maybe you’re wanting to make something new but aren’t sure what people will think, feeling a shift in your business but unsure of what that means for your current one, or you’re struggling with overwhelm and wondering what you should be focusing on. Whatever it is, let’s chat it out. Often the path starts to reveal itself once you shine some light on it. 

Can you give me financial advice?

While I’m happy to talk money all day long (both how to make it and what to do with it), I no longer hold any certifications in financial planning so I can’t give you specific advice. What I can do is be a confidential sounding board, work through the numbers with you, and offer frameworks that might help. 

Get first dibs at drop-in hours each month.